Logo Guidelines


The RSC logo is the bilingual, visual identity of the Society and symbolizes the integrity and history of Canada’s National Academy. The RSC logo must not be altered in any manner and must be presented in the approved colours and formats which are outlined in these official guidelines. The following guidelines have been established to ensure consistency and that the RSC brand is properly represented and recognized by all parties, both internally and externally. 


All third parties must obtain written permission from the RSC in the format of a letter or an email, before our logo can be used on any collateral. 


The RSC logo is available in two formats: the wide logo and the narrow logo. The deciding factor regarding the appropriate logo to use is the amount of available space on the collateral where the logo will appear. 

The wide RSC logo should be used as often as possible on all types of collateral.

RSC Wide Black

The narrow RSC logo is used when space does not permit for the use of the wide logo, or if the logo is appearing on collateral featuring other narrow logos and looks more visually appealing.

RSC Narrow Black


The colour palette of the RSC consists of black, white, grey and the signature RSC red. RSC logos are available in black, white and RSC red and must not be used in any other colour. To obtain this unique shade of RSC red, please use the colour codes specified below:

Colour Guide

*This colour swatch is provided to assist with the location of this specific colour within the Pantone Matching System (PMS). Please refer to a Pantone Coated swatch book for accurate, official Pantone colour. 

*Do not copy and paste the logos in the following chart on any collateral; they are intended to serve as examples only. Please see the RSC Download Centre to download the high quality logos.

Thumbnail Logo Name Proper Usage
 Wide Black RSC Logo One Colour Black

The wide, black RSC logo should be used as often as often as possible, on all types of media, collateral and documents.

 Wide Red RSC Logo One Colour Red The wide, red RSC logo can be used on white or pale backgrounds if a coloured logo is more suited than the black and white logo.
 Wide White RSC Logo One Colour White  The wide, white RSC logo must be used on dark backgrounds.
 Narrow Black RSC Narrow Logo
(Black, White, Red)
When space does not permit for the use of the wide
logo or when it will look more visually appealing, the
narrow logo can be used on all types of media and
collateral. The narrow logo is available in black, RSC
red, and white. 



The RSC wide and narrow logos must always be used to scale and in equal proportions. When resizing the logo, please ensure that the aspect ratios are maintained to protect against “stretching” or “squishing” the logo.  The aspect ratio of an image is the proportional relationship between its width and its height. 

In official RSC documents when the logo is displayed in the header, it must be sized to 70% with aspect ratios maintained, and located one centimeter from the top of the page, in the center.


The absolute minimum size for RSC wide and narrow logos is as follows:


Size Chart Wide


Size Chart Narrow



“Clear Space” refers to the minimum amount of space which is permitted around the RSC logo. The clear space requirement is equal to the height of the Society’s abbreviation “RSC” in the following graphics. Any content (images, words, graphics) must be placed outside of the indicated clear space.


Clear Space Wide


Clear Space Narrow



The RSC logo should only be reproduced from the original files provided. Do not attempt to alter the logo in any manner or make any alterations to the original file. 

Incorrect Uses

Important Considerations: 

  • When resizing the logo, it is essential to maintain the aspect ratio. The logo must always be used to scale and in equal proportions – it cannot be graphically altered.
  • The logo must not appear with a border. 
  • The logo must be placed horizontally on the page, not rotated by any degree. 
  • The logo must not be surrounded by text, or altered by any special effects, fill colours or graphics. The logo must not be used on a background that distracts from the logo and/or reduces legibility. 
  • Do not distort the logo, change the typeface or change the colour of the logo beyond the standard black, white and signature RSC red. 
  • Do not show a partial logo. The crest must be used with the English and French text – even on unilingual collateral. 
  • Do not add a screen over the logo, or make the logo transparent. 


All RSC logos are available for Macintosh and PC platforms. The following table lists the formats available for both the wide and narrow logos and explains the recommended use for each. Do not use the thumbnail samples below in any publication or in any collateral; they are low resolution and are intended for illustration on this web page only.


  • recommended for use with smaller logos
  • easily compressed so that logos can be sent via email
  • does not support transparency
  • smaller file size but lower resolution
  • not the best option for websites or printed collateral as the logo may appear pixelated
  • Suitable for use:
  • internal documents
  • documents created in Word
  • policies
  • emails


  • high resolution, high quality logos
  • recommended for most collateral
  • larger file sizes
  • supports layers and transparency
  • infinite scaling capabilities (best choice for large collateral)
  • Suitable for use:
  • websites
  • printed collateral
  • event signage
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • publications


  • smaller file sizes than .eps, so they may be sent by email
  • supports the search engine capability of the text within the image (i.e. the Royal Society of Canada)
  • supports layers and transparency
  • lossless data compression
  • best format to use on website
  • Suitable for use:
  • websites
  • digital media
  • desktop publishing
  • collateral

8.0 Contact Information 

All logos are copyright-protected property of the RSC. They may be used only after obtaining written permission from the RSC. All rights reserved. 

If you are unsure whether you are using the RSC logo correctly, please send all collateral for review to Erika Kujawski.

Erika Kujawski
Senior Officer, Communications/ Agente principale, Communications
The Royal Society of Canada (RSC)
Walter House
282 Somerset Street West
Ottawa ON K2P 0J6
Tel.: 613-991-6990 Ext. 105
Email: communications@rsc-src.ca
Fax: 613-991-6996 
Website: www.rsc-src.ca