The Royal Society of Canada Announces Canadian Science Publishing as its 57th Institutional Member

The Royal Society of Canada is pleased to announce that Canadian Science Publishing has joined the Institutional Member Programme as its 57th Institutional Member.  Canadian Science Publishing is a not-for-profit, independent publisher of over 20 journals. The Royal Society of Canada is also pleased to announce that FACETS, Canada’s multidisciplinary open access science journal published by Canadian Science Publishing has been selected as the official journal of the Academy of Science.   FACETS is a state-of-the-art platform that publishes and shares international science that affects Canadians, from policy and regulatory frameworks, to cross-disciplinary research and scientific approaches that address problems in new ways, all rigorously peer-reviewed and all aimed at advancing knowledge. RSC Fellows and College Members are invited to consider FACETS as their next open access publishing venue and the RSC is pleased to expand its impact through the widespread dissemination of peer-reviewed content from its community. “As our scholarly and research ecosystem continues to evolve working with partner organizations like the Royal Society of Canada ensures widespread collaboration, and increased support and visibility for the research community in Canada. As Canada’s leading science publisher, Canadian Science Publishing is honoured to join the Institutional Membership program at the Royal Society of Canada and together forge a future of increased accessibility for science in Canada. As a first step in this new partnership, I am equally proud that FACETS has been named as the official journal of the Academy of Science and on behalf of both Canadian Science Publishing and the Editorial Board of FACETS, we look forward to working with the Fellows and college members of the RSC to further the research output and dialogues on the science that matters to Canadians,” says Suzanne Kettley, Executive Director, Canadian Science Publishing. More information about the FACETS partnership will be available shortly.